LifeRisk Partners

LifeRisk Partners, a member of the LifeRisk Group, is focussed on providing Life Risk Insurance Research and Software to Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licencees, their Advisers and Authorised Representatives.

LifeRisk Partners, the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence in the Group, is authorised to provide general financial product advice for life risk insurances to wholesale clients.

With life insurance research experience since 1999 and wholesale AFS License, we are strongly placed to be your dedicated life risk research partner.

LifeRisk Partners, its employees and Authorized Representatives do not provide personal financial product advice to retail clients.

For further information, refer to our Financial Services Guide. You can download a copy here.

for Advisers

LifeRisk Online is our Adviser focussed product research and premium comparison service. The research provided includes product scores and premium comparisons using quotes from each Life Company's quote system. We also provide research based replacement insurance comparisons reports of retail, industry super and platform group risk insurance. Click here for more information.

for AFS Licensees

Our services include quarterly LifeRisk Benchmarking reports and Consulting Services to assist Licensees with their:

  • due diligence research of Life Companies, their products and services, and
  • the establishment and ongoing management of their retail life insurance Approved Product Lists

LifeRisk Group can also provide Life Companies and others with Life Insurance Quotation systems.

For more information about our services for Licensees click here, call us on +61 3 9702 6208 or email us at

General Advice Warning

The information on our websites and in our published reports may include general product advice. This means that any financial product advice has been prepared without taking into account the particular financial situation and needs of any individual. Our publications and subscription services are provided as general information services to AFS Licensees and their Authorised Representatives. Users of our services should assess whether the information and advice is appropriate in light of their own objectives, financial situation and particular needs.

You should also consult with an Australian Financial Services Licensee or one of their Authorised Representatives who is authorised to provide personal financial product advice to retail clients before making a decision to purchase, alter or dispose of any life risk insurance or any other product issued by a registered Australian Life Insurance company that are backed by one or more of its Statutory Funds on the basis of the information provided.